About our company

SmartOrder Was founded in 2011 to produce a solution that bridges hotel manager experience and digital innovations. Our goal has always been to produce ever adapatable and innovating solutions that improve with each hotel property working with us.

Our vision

Why we do what we do
The team is incredibly passionate about our products. With direct input from the managers, directors, interns and guests working with our solutions we continue to craft the best products for hotel professionals.

What we would like in the future We believe SmartOrder can aid staff and guests in creating more enjoyable and efficient work environments and hotel experiences. Quick, easy ordering that will continue to be innovative as we will continue to update. We are bursting with ideas, and will love finding out how to increase business and pleasure for guests around the globe.

What we can promise you
A fully comitted team of people that whole-heartedly believe that what we do will bring the best out of your establishment. We are here to help your guest and team.

Our Management Team

  • Inte Ali
    Our Head of Technology and Business Development Head Inte Ali is one of the first people in SmartOrder. Inte is the wisdom behind our Service, and the technical expert that leads all development. Inte@smartorderapp.com
  • Kasia Borowska
    Without Our Head of Sales Kasia Borowska there would be no SmartOrder, She continues to be a foundational pillar of our team. Kasia@Smartorderapp.com
  • Delano Dellink
    Global Marketing Director, oversees all national and international projects. Delano Dellink is a versatile visionary. Delano@smartorderapp.com

Why Amsterdam?

SmartOrder was founded here. It's the city where our idea started, grew and became something better than we even set out to do in the first place. Amsterdam for us already has a nostalgic glow: It's Home.